Terms & conditions

I regularly share resources and tips you might categorize as ethical hacking. Please read the following legal conditions carefully:

  1. All information shared on this blog is intended for educational usage only.
  2. Ethical hacking requires a safe environment such as a virtual machine. Hacking yourself locally is recommended, but don’t try to attack your neighborhood or your friends, even from a White Hat perspective (which would be Grey Hat in this case ^^).
  3. On no account should you use cybersecurity tutorials to compromise computers or harm people’s privacy.
  4. I take no responsibility for any illegal actions you might try using information shared on this blog. Hacking is not a crime, but illegal activities are not allowed whether it’s online or “in real life,” and I don’t encourage them.

Any action(s) which break(s) the law or infringe(s) the conditions mentioned above will be considered against the terms of this blog.