Svelte is a new approach for reactivity. It's a compiler that allows for converting declarative HTML-like syntax into optimized vanilla JavaScript.
  • Another blog post about Svelte vs. React

    Svelte has a radically new approach of reactivity. Does it mean you should stop using React as developers?

  • Introduction to Svelte stores

    Svelte does a lot of magic behind the scene. I usually don't consider magic as a good thing, but, IMHO, it makes sense here.

  • Plenti power for Svelte

    Plenti is a static site generator based on Svelte. It is fast and fun.

  • Cool bindings with Svelte

    Svelte has pretty cool features to handle everyday needs I'd like to share with you.

  • Svelte rendering and SEO

    It goes beyond Svelte, SEO is a concern no matter what fancy js tool you use. You should never forget that.

  • Svelte is strong

    Recently, I've played a little bit with Svelte, and I wanted to share some thoughts.