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Understanding CSS rendering issues

Understanding how CSS renders is essential to prevent cumulative layout shift and jank.

11/21/2020 4 min read

An overview of assistive technology

Assistive technology is great, but it's neither miraculous nor magic.

11/15/2020 5 min read

Killing Darth Vader accessibility

Learn useful a11y concepts and how to improve js accessibility.

11/11/2020 5 min read

Small steps towards better accessibility

Here are easy things to do to improve a11y.

11/08/2020 6 min read

PHP 8 attributes, what's new?

PHP 8 is a promising release. Among all new features and breaking changes, there's a special feature called attributes that deserves, IMHO, at least one post.

11/06/2020 2 min read

Why PHP 8 will be awesome

PHP 8 will be available very soon. It's a major version with breaking changes, but also with excellent features.

11/03/2020 3 min read

Svelte rendering and SEO

It goes beyond Svelte, SEO is a concern no matter what fancy js tool you use. You should never forget that.

10/29/2020 5 min read