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  • Write less not worse

    Abstraction is not always the best approach, and I want to explain why.

  • Does it work?

    Let's have some fun with theory.

  • Content is king, typography is queen

    Typography is a critical part of Web design and user experience.

  • Some thoughts about learning curve

    So you struggle initially, and when you master the basics, the fun might begin, at last? Well, it is, IMHO, not so simple.

  • Do you need canonical URLs?

    Duplicate content is probably one of the most destructive problems for your SEO.

  • Hugo vs. Jekyll

    After playing with React, Gatsby, and Jekyll, I decided to use this funky generator for my blog in 2021.

  • Myths and misbeliefs about VPN

    Let's see how a VPN works and why it might not be what you think.