Demystifying clone in PHP

In PHP, copying objects can be tricky. Let's see

08/09/2020 4 min read

Reflection in PHP

Have you ever heard about introspecting or reverse-engineering classes? The PHP Reflection classes allow you to do that.

08/02/2020 3 min read

Composer behind the scene

Almost all modern PHP frameworks rely on Composer.

07/26/2020 7 min read

Make sense of generators

In Python, generators have been there since almost forever (2001). In PHP, it's a little bit more recent.

05/15/2020 4 min read

2 gists for WP

Ease WordPress maintenance with these 2 gists

04/23/2020 1 min read

2 gists Woocommerce

Improve Woocommerce admin and performances with these 2 gists

04/23/2020 1 min read

PHP untold

There are things you might want to know :)

04/18/2020 4 min read