• Uncommon PHP tips

    I love PHP. Here are some tips that are not so common or not so easy to find.

  • Does it work?

    Let's have some fun with theory.

  • Do you want some sugar Twig?

    A smart way to cut arrays with Twig

  • PHP 8 attributes, what's new?

    PHP 8 is a promising release. Among all new features and breaking changes, there's a special feature called attributes that deserves, IMHO, at least one post.

  • Why PHP 8 will be awesome

    PHP 8 will be available very soon. It's a major version with breaking changes, but also with excellent features.

  • What's behind opcodes?

    PHP cannot run by itself. It's an abstraction meant for developers. Fortunately for us, some specific programs translate the human-readable code into machine-readable code.

  • About setters and getters

    In a nutshell, not all the time.