Windows Telemetry is out of this world!

Telemetry and data collect are quite problematic in general. Unless you are using privacy-focused operating systems, deactivate or strengthen everything you can in the privacy and security settings.

Regarding Windows, it is not just prone to various kinds of cyberattacks, it’s also harmful for privacy to an unprecedented level. You would expect new versions to be less intrusive but it’s quite the contrary.

While you get explicit mentions of privacy settings during the installation of Windows 11 (now), there are still many services to shut down and settings to check to get a decent protection. You sometimes end up deactivating things one by one for a ridiculous amount of settings that are supposed to add more granularity but are pretty annoying in the end.

Windows telemetry has never been that insane, to me. Many internal programs and processes you cannot shut down, such as Microsoft Edge, initiate requests on a regular basis even when you don’t use them, and there’s absolutely no opt-out.

I could go on for hours, but, in case you use Windows as primary or secondary system, or if people around you are using it, be aware of the massive threat to their privacy.

Here is a great resource to take the power back, or, at least, gain more control:

Simple Wall is a crazy good filtering plateform. It’s not another firewall but a “set of API and system services that provide a platform for creating network filtering applications.”

Light, easy to use, great UI, and you can define both permanent and temporary rules. Great work!