Is Google the enemy of privacy?

For many developers, landing a job at Google would be the pinnacle of their career. I don’t blame them.

It is the best of the best, and Google’s engineers raise the general quality, creating new standards and exploring unknown areas.

However, Google has also questionable activities such as helping hunt dissident activists in China and conducting Mass Surveillance in western democracies.

In addition, they are regularly on the headlines as a tax-avoiding firm, making them even richer and, thus, powerful.

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If the company does not already have the data, it will ask other platforms such as Facebook or its hundreds of thousands of partners (data brokers and advertising companies) to get them.

Their ability to follow people everywhere, including offline thanks to specific partnerships (e.g., credit cards companies), is the key to their ultra-domination. Indeed, advertisers are willing to pay for such valuable data, and Google masters machine learning and predictive models, which adds even more value to their reports.

They make lots of money because they can correlate ads and purchases very accurately.

They also have a growing influence on the political sphere as they hold highly strategic data on a global scale for billions of people.

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I said Google helps hunt dissident activists in China but don’t be confused. They don’t celebrate with authoritarian regimes and smile when people get caught or worse.

They would deny responsibility for their customers’ activities. Indeed, they did not create this mass surveillance system called Aegis with Semptian. They provided microprocessors that enable computers to analyze vast amounts of data more efficiently.

The only thing that drives the OpenPower Foundation led by Google is innovation, not human rights.

Source: the intercept

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Gmail is probably one of the best applications for emails and the worst for privacy at the same time.

For years, Google has tracked keywords in their users’ emails, sharing confidential information with third-party developers and companies.

They’ve also deeply analyzed writing and typing styles, which are biological signatures. Nobody writes or types exactly the same way. It’s a massive threat to privacy and confidentiality that can ultimately identify someone behind any fake IP and anonymous account.

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Considering Google’s passion for ethical questions, its deal for access to patient records from HCA to develop healthcare algorithms was scary.

I wasn’t that surprised by the NHS health data scandal and the class-action lawsuit against DeepMind, Google’s AI company:

Google-owned DeepMind was quietly given the personal records of 1.6 million patients at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Source: AI news

Governments and administrations want to level up with artificial intelligence, but they obviously don’t have that kind of skills, so they end up dealing with experts in the private sector.

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With the Fi VPN, you’re able to stream, browse and download on an encrypted, private connection β€” meaning that websites can’t use your IP address to track your location and you’re shielded against hackers, even while you’re using unsecure networks

Source: Google blog


Would you trust Google with all your Internet traffic?

I don’t worry about the security as Google masters that part too, but the privacy threat would be extreme here. Thanks, but I think I’m gonna pass on this one πŸ•Έ.

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Google is the enemy of privacy, and the company is literally playing God, predicting people’s behavior and ignoring all ethical concerns to make profits.

They’re pretty much unstoppable, but you can protect yourself by removing your Gmail account and replacing Google services with alternatives whenever you can.

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