My Nikola Tesla cheat sheet

Be aware it's not an exhaustive list.

Nikola Tesla is probably one of the smartest people of all time.

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Alternating current It's the universal electric current we use everywhere (AC vs. DC ^^)
Wireless lighting He managed to switch on wireless neon tubes using his own body to convey the electricity.
The induction motor Various biographies say he developed the idea for an induction motors to control alternating currents.
The light bulb Nowadays, there are billions of light bulbs around the world. It's also the object people often use as a represention of a brilliant idea or an invention.
The radar He supposedly invented the first working prototype of a basic radar system.
Robotics Many historians say Tesla unveiled the birth of robot.
The term "robots" did not exist at that time so Tesla used the word "tele-automaton".
While his invention was pretty rudimentary if you compare with what we have nowadays, his work has probably inspired a significant part of our current technology.
The electric tower He built a giant tower (~ 190 feets) to send wireless electricity around the world. He imagined it would be the beginning of a wordwilde network of towers.
Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and he lost pretty much everything with this project (bankrupt).

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A child apart Tesla has been obsessed his entire life with lightning and electricity. When he was young, he used to see shapes of light everywhere.
It was all in his head, but that could explain his extraordinary ability to make sophisticated mental images.
There were neither computers nor modelisation softwares at that time, but the legend says his mind could reach that level of details.
His life was presumably not a long, quiet river They say he had no friend, no wife, no children, and he died alone and ruined
He also never had the public acknowledgement of his work, as they say Thomas Edison took the credit for most of his innovative breakthroughs.
Paris lover He worked as an engineer in Paris during two years, just before emigrating to the US and becoming an american citizen.
The myth of the mad scientist It's essential not to read things at face value.
In reality, innovation is probably more complex than just one man having an epiphany about the mystery of the Universe and predicting the future like an oracle.
It involves hundreds of devoted and creative people inspiring each other alternately.
Still, we need heroes, and Tesla was undeniably a genius and a visionary.
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