Why the Big Bang Theory is the worst

When you work in this IT business, it’s not uncommon for non-technical people to assume you are a “geek”.

Etymologically speaking, the term is anything but complimentary as it comes from the English and German words “geek” and “geck”, which mean “fool” or “freak”.

What about that… but it’s not my point here, as it’s not an insult for many people who would likely call themselves geeks.

It’s the so-called “geekiness” some TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory use to brand their products that annoy me.

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Here is the tagline:

A woman who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

Source: imdb

It’s a top-rated show that pretends to highlight the geek culture, but I beg to differ.

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I’m not criticizing the acting or saying everything is lame. There are millions of viewers, and it’s probably for a good reason, but I don’t think they give a positive image of geeks at all.

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The show seems to exclusively consist of awkward jokes involving inappropriate sexual comments and directed racism and geeky references.

It’s very repetitive, and there are more trash-talking and unrealistic situations as you go through the seasons.

The show pretends to expose stereotypes about geeks, nerds, and other tech lovers. At the same time, to me, it does precisely the contrary, mocking them as immature, selfish, sex maniacs, unable to relate to others, and locking themselves in virtual worlds to escape from reality.

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Sheldon is probably the most popular character. They even made a spinoff as a prequel of The Big Bang Theory.

He’s supposed to be a senior theoretical physicist at The California Institute of Technology and have a genius-level IQ of 187.

However, he has a very low EQ (emotion quotient), which leads to pretty awkward situations, as he cannot recognize irony, sarcasm, and most normal behaviors.

They manage to “associate” him with another character called Amy who’s the girlfriend. The two have met accidentally after Sheldon’s “friends” created a fake account on an online dating website as a “social experiment”: the algorithm of love.

After that, there are many unrealistic and disturbing scenes involving the “cute couple”. In the beginning, they ban all kinds of sexual relations and human contacts, but then (several seasons after), they start scheduling sex for Amy’s birthday…

Other characters have slightly different stories, but they also struggle with severe emotional disorders and dependencies. They are all depicted as very needy and lost.

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IMHO, the show exploits geekery as, most of the time, the characters are saying nerdy things to people who could not care less. I doubt they highlight the geek culture.

However, I must admit that, unlike some of their haters, I’m not a know-it-all. While I understand most jokes, I don’t get all of them, especially Sheldon’s monologs about Star Trek.

I’m not a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other fundamental elements of the geek culture you might consider unavoidable, and I’m ok with that. I like different things, and I’m sure we can still talk to each other.

Still, I don’t see why the TV show would use less popular references or more jibber-jabber just for the sake of being perfectly accurate.

What bothers me the most is the absolute certainty of the plot.

As far as I know (I did not watch all episodes), the show depicts all women as totally uninterested in the geek culture, which cannot be more wrong. Many scenes take place in a comic store, and when a woman enters the shop, they mock the situation as a glitch in the matrix.

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Yeah… but it’s a top-rated show, and it does influence many people, especially those who are new to this culture.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a lot of negativity involved. Instead of showing unexpected and beautiful encounters, which happen sometimes, the characters seem obsessed with revenge.

For example, the character called Leonard, who’s been bullied his entire life because he’s “weird” and intelligent, finally gets to go out with the “prom queen”, who’s now an aspiring actress and earns the minimum wage. She only gets toxic boyfriends, and she’s so desperate that she accepts to try something different:

smart is the new sexy

I know it’s fiction, and people need something simple, but here it’s oversimplistic.

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I’m now unamused by this show, not because their geekiness lacks accuracy but because the jokes are pretty repetitive and create a hostile and stereotypical image of people who like to call themselves geeks.

You might think it’s not a big deal as, again, it’s a TV show. However, when someone says you’re “like Sheldon” because you like prime numbers such as 73, you realize how much influence this show can have around the world, and that would be awesome if it were something else than a collection of clichés.