Best practices

  • The promising HTTP/3

    The HTTP protocol has been evolving since its creation in 1996. The next version is HTTP/3.

  • Start with documentation

    I've started a new simple approach over the past years, and I'd like to share it with you.

  • Write less not worse

    Abstraction is not always the best approach, and I want to explain why.

  • Content is king, typography is queen

    Typography is a critical part of Web design and user experience.

  • Some thoughts about learning curve

    So you struggle initially, and when you master the basics, the fun might begin, at last? Well, it is, IMHO, not so simple.

  • Is there any truth about using multiple h1

    We use h1 tags to mark up a heading on a page. Fair enough, but what about multiple h1 tags per page? Is it harmful to SEO? What rule or good practice do we need to apply?

  • Why I keep using markdown

    Here is a short post that explains why I keep using markdown for my blogging, no matter what language or framework I choose