5 'Not So Useless' Gatsby plugins

Gatsby is meant to ease React projects.

It’s above all a great ecosystem of free plugins and themes you can use to speed up your development.

There are literally hundreds of plugins you can add to make the experience even better and save a lot of time during development. The idea is to prevent reinventing the wheel.

While some plugins are nearly required* e.g gatsby manifest, gatsby offline, gatsby image, etc, there are less known plugins which are pretty cool.

* actually you do not have to use them but they are major

Indeed feel free to disagree with me. I hope it’s useful.

Permalink to heading Gatsby page progress Gatsby page progress

This plugin provides a nice scroll indicator and options to customize it. You can even exclude some paths (with regex too) e.g your contact page.


Permalink to heading Gatsby purge css Gatsby purge css

Optimize your styles by removing unused css. It supports a lot of tools such as sass, less, stylus.

You can even ignore files or folders in case you have errors after adding this plugin to your installation.


Permalink to heading Gatsby remove console Gatsby remove console

This plugin will automatically remove any console.* during the build process. Of course it’s bad to leave console in your code but anything could happen.


Permalink to heading Gatsby awesome pagination Gatsby awesome pagination

Another pagination plugin but I like their philosophy :

paginate in Gatsby properly. No compromises.


Permalink to heading Gatsby Source Faker Gatsby Source Faker

Generate fake data which can be a huge time saver.


Permalink to heading How to install How to install

Just run yarn add to add these plugins and edit gatsby-config.js to add the plugins and their configurations within the plugin list.

Permalink to heading Conclusion Conclusion

Gatsby plugins are extra cool, you should give them a try. If that doesn’t do the job just write your own stuffs as local plugins or NPM packages. It would be fantastic if you have time to make some pull requests, a lot of great projects are looking for maintainers.

I do my best to update all my contents, but keep it mind that "5 'Not So Useless' Gatsby plugins" has been published many months ago.