5 Gatsby plugins for professionals

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Gatsby ecosystem. They bring value !

Here are some additional plugins you might use to enhance your great projects.

Gatsby Plugin Resolve Src

The following is self-explanatory :

import MyComponent from "components/MyComponent"

instead of :

import MyComponent from "../../components/MyComponent"

What a nice idea !

Gatsby Plugin Resolve Src

Gatsby Plugin Asset Path

By default Gatsby puts all assets to the root. This plugin allows you to reorganize all the things. You can even remove .js.map files

Gatsby Environment Variables Plugin

Gatsby Plugin Netlify Cache

Use the power of Netlify cache to speed up your app.

Gatsby Plugin Netlify Cache

Gatsby Plugin Source Custom API

sourcing data from any API and transform it into Gatsby nodes.

Major !

Gatsby Plugin Source Custom API

Gatsby Plugin Stripe

E-commerce the easy way by using the Stripe Checkout

Gatsby Plugin Stripe

Wrapping up

Very interesting plugins for professional projects. Give it a try. It saves time.

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