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  • Another blog post about Svelte vs. React

    Svelte has a radically new approach of reactivity. Does it mean you should stop using React as developers?

  • Introduction to Svelte stores

    Svelte does a lot of magic behind the scene. I usually don't consider magic as a good thing, but, IMHO, it makes sense here.

  • 6 concepts to know in Ruby

    Ruby is one of the most elegant and powerful language I know.

  • Another blog post about const, let and var

    JavaScript has built-in keywords to declare variables. You must understand their purpose.

  • Don't deploy configuration files

    Configuration files are everywhere. As developers, we use them to configure our computers but also in our projects.

  • Spotting errors in CSS

    Unlike in many other languages, there are neither logs nor redline errors in the console with CSS.

  • The joy of prototypes

    Dare prototypes. It's a powerful feature of the language and perhaps the key to the next level.

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