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Hugo and HTML comments

01/24/2021 2 min read

Do you need canonical URLs?

Duplicate content is probably one of the most destructive problems for your SEO.

01/21/2021 4 min read

Hugo vs. Jekyll

After playing with React, Gatsby, and Jekyll, I decided to use this funky generator for my blog in 2021.

01/16/2021 5 min read

Handle Hugo translations

01/03/2021 1 min read

Myths and misbeliefs about VPN

Let's see how a VPN works and why it might not be what you think.

01/02/2021 4 min read

Improve mobile search Ux

Enhance mobile experience with your search input

12/30/2020 1 min read

Do you want some sugar Twig?

A smart way to cut arrays with Twig

12/30/2020 1 min read